About Us


Bobbie Broon is owned and operated by Brown Read and Company, we are a Canadian family-owned business. The name Bobbie Broon is a nod to my late father and our British heritage. My Scotch and Irish parents were always "fixing up" and loved to entertain, Mom and Dad made our home warm and welcoming to everyone. 

We embraced my parent's love of home and the love of designing comfortable, beautiful spaces but found it difficult to find responsibly sourced products. So, we set out to find products that were long lasting, sustainable, and ethically produced. We found beautiful products crafted by artisans near and far- the idea of Bobbie Broon took root! 

We Believe

We believed that creating beautiful, comfortable homes shouldn’t be at the expense of others or our environment. 

We Promise

We promise to source quality products from suppliers who share our values, to continuously improve our service and make things right if we make mistakes. We promise to minimize waste and reduce our carbon footprint by using the most environmentally friendly shipping materials available.

We Appreciate You!

We appreciate your business, and we hope you will love these products as much as we do. Let us know, we always welcome your feedback.

Thank you for stopping by! 

Christine, Ceilie and Emma