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Moisturizing Shea Body Butter - Fairtrade and All Natural

Moisturizing Shea Body Butter - Fairtrade and All Natural

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Shea butter has natural, therapeutic properties that moisturize and restore the natural beauty of the skin. Shea butter is handmade in Ghana and Fairtrade.

Packaged in repurposed coconut shell containers made in Ghana. The size of the container will vary, but the weight is consistent at 4.2oz/120g per container. Ingredients: pure unrefined shea butter and essential oil. Lined with beeswax to prevent leakage. Purely natural. No Chemicals. No Preservatives. No color additives.

We are proud to offer these rich, moisturizing products that make feel good on the outside and on the inside.  Four beautiful scents!

About Fairtrade: Through its partnership with Global Mamas, Ele Agbe is able to broaden its access to international markets, increase production, and further its positive effect on the lives of its workers by providing a living wage, through training, health care, equal treatment in the workplace, and fair wages. Ele Agbe also provides training programs for local under-educated youth. Read about the Global Mama, Comfort's story.

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