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Yes! There are Sustainable Furniture Options

Welcome back to Sustainable Interior Design Ideas for your Home! In this article we continue our journey to find ethical and sustainable products to create a healthy, and well-loved home! Picking up from our last article, Repurpose, Reuse and Renew, you may now be thinking about buying new, and you may need a little guidance to help you find products that are both long lasting and earth friendly. Remember those three important questions that guide us: Where is it made? How is it made, and Who made it? There is a plethora of information online about “green” products - climate neutral certifications, responsible materials, ethical manufacturing, etc. It can be a daunting task finding products that check all the boxes...

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Sustainable Interior Design Ideas for Your Home!

We have a deep connection to our home; it reflects who we are and what we value. With a growing awareness of our eco-footprint and the impact we have as consumers, people are trying to make more thoughtful choices about what they buy: Where is it made? How is it made, and by whom? Finding responsibly sourced products for your home can be overwhelming. With vast amounts of information at our fingertips, it’s difficult to know where to start. In this series we will explore technological advancements, share resources and tips to help you design a sustainable home you love. Repurpose and Reuse! Let’s begin our journey with a well-known concept in sustainable interior design - repurpose and reuse! Going...

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