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Starry Night Organic Cotton Pillow

Starry Night Organic Cotton Pillow

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Bring the beauty of the night sky into your eco-friendly home with our Starry Nights pillow cover. This 14" x 20" pillow cover is made from 100% organic cotton, ensuring a soft and luxurious feel. The deep blue color sets the perfect backdrop for the stunning starry design, and a contrasting, exposed YKK metal zipper adds a modern touch. Each pillow cover is carefully handmade in Canada, making it a unique addition to your sustainable home decor. Add a touch of celestial beauty to your living space with our eco-friendly Starry Nights pillow.

14 x 20 inches 

100% Organic Cotton, handmade in Canada.

Size 14" x 20" 

Machine wash warm, low heat dryer

Made to order. 

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